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Eza Fit – your fitness coach and personal trainer in Berlin

Are you looking for a competent and motivated personal trainer in Berlin? You want to improve your physical fitness by a certified personal trainer  and chose your training hours, individual Training locations and a plan that is tailored to your needs?

We at Eza Fit tailor the personal training for you right here in Berlin

You have come to the right place! Our certified personal fitness trainer in Berlin is looking forward to meeting you! Whether you are a beginner or advanced – whether you want to reduce weight or build muscle. Or maybe you have different wishes such as strengthening your back muscles, need a meal plan or perhaps need boxing lessons. Contact us and our certified personal trainer will analyze your current fitness and plan your perfect body goal.

With our personal trainer you will get a refreshed feeling of your body

Based on our experience as a fitness trainer in Berlin, we develop the perfect training and nutrition plan that we develop together. Do not wait and transform your health, your well being and your attractiveness to new heights.

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Weight loss


Build up muscle

Back training

Endurance training

Company fitness

Your Personal Fitness Trainer in Berlin

Fitness is becoming increasingly important and personal trainers play a major role. In addition to the visible weight loss or muscle building regular exercise also contributes to mental fitness and helps to attain a better body feeling and more self-confidence. Of course, you have to become active in order to keep your body healthy and fit. Since it is not easy for many people to carry out the exercising regularly we will develop a perfect fitness plan together just for your body.

Personal Training is healthy and fun

If you alone can not achieve your desired goals, the motivation fades fast. This may be due to too high expectations, lack of discipline or a patchy training and nutrition plan. In eza fit you have fitness coaches and personal trainers in Berlin that stand by your side and support you with weight loss, muscle building, back training and further training disciplines. Often only a small impulse is needed with the personal trainer so that training in Berlin can be fun again.

Personal Training in Berlin

We offer personal training in Berlin, which is tailored to your needs. Whether in the gym, at home or outdoors, you decide where and when the personal training takes place in Berlin. An experienced fitness coach supports the body, mind and soul to maintain their well-being.

Dietary advice in Berlin

In our nutritional advice we give you the basics of a healthy and balanced diet. We will send you a personalized diet plan that helps you achieve your own goals with our personal trainer here in Berlin.

Personal training for more personal quality of life in Berlin

We offer you with our specially tailored to your needs training and nutrition plans and offer support for your personal goals. No matter how big your motivation is, we all know how hard it is to make permanent and regular changes – especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Our personal fitness trainer in Berlin supports you with the necessary motivation to achieve your personal goals. No matter how stressful your life is right now we will find a way to connect sports and healthy food. We will train with you no matter when and where you want to do so. May it be the gym, your own office, the park and basically  any location is possible in order to provide better quality of life for you.

Personal trainer in Berlin helps you to a healthy and suitable everyday diet

If you have dealt already with fitness and specific physical goals you know that a purposefully tailored nutrition during training is of particular importance. We take into account when setting up a diet plan for you, not only your goals but also your personal preferences and possibilities. Especially in a city like Berlin there are a variety of ways to eat healthy without having to pre-cook in advance. With our tips and tricks you can manage every day, healthy and balanced eating to keep the focus on your personal training goal without much effort. You stay motivated and reach quickly tangible results of the training.


The training with Elias is professional, focused and result-oriented. At the same time he also knows how to deal with his clients. And thus creates an extremely positive atmosphere, where you can show your weaknesses and find your own strengths.
Armin Coerper, Journalist
Elias is a super competent trainer who will take you to the limit. So results will definitely be achieved. In short breaks there is always some time for interesting conversations.
Bettina Lösch, Model
The positive and friendly manner by Elias also makes strenuous exercise enjoyable. I can very much recommend the personal training with Elias.
André Kanya, Entrepreneur
I am very satisfied with the training of eza personal training. The workouts are very professional and flexible in time, which is very important to me. The perfect balance of the daily routine. Highly recommended!
Jürgen Blunck, CEO

Working out with Elias helps me go through the whole week with strength and confidence. I learn to push myself to the limits without losing attention to my body.

Catharina Geiselhart, Business Consultant

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Individual training options with your personal trainer in Berlin

Personal Training helps you to reach your individual goals and that includes to use the appropriate training facilities. If you prefer a specific training location or specific training times, we would be happy to consider it. In Berlin there is not only a large number of parks where you can train free, some also offer the possibility of using fixed devices.

Outdoor training or personal training in the office possible

In addition to outdoor training there is also the possibility to carry out the personal training in Berlin in a variety of Berlin gyms, whether with exercise equipment or your own body weight. If that’s not an option for you because of time constraints, we can offer you to come to your workplace or even your own home. The desired equipment will be brought by us to ensure the maximum exercise service for you, no matter where you are.


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